4 Advantages of Last-Minute Road Trips

There’s nothing like a road trip: windows down, music loud, and nothing but possibilities in front of you. Not everyone has the money or time to take a long vacation somewhere exotic and warm, but you can always go on a day trip or drive off for the weekend. In many ways, a road trip is even more relaxing than a week-long vacation at a Sandals resort because you can leave almost everything up to chance and lose yourself in the moment.

Day Trips Are Easy


Image via Flickr by The Travel Manuel

Day trips are exciting, thrilling, and often spur-of-the-moment — at least, the best ones are. Too much planning strips a journey of all its spontaneity. Going on an adventure with no structured beginning or end will open you to new experiences. Driving a few hours away to spend the day in a new place is a terrific start. The beauty of a day trip is that you can pack light without worry and get home soon. Remember, though, that a day is 24 hours long, so technically, you can spend the night away from home and return the next morning or afternoon.

You Can Save on Accommodations

You might think that it’s more expensive to book a hotel room at the last minute, but that’s rarely true. Admittedly, you can’t take an unplanned road trip to a popular party town during spring break and hope to find an available room. During most times of the year, however, that’s not an issue.

On the contrary, if you stumble upon a hotel with vacancies available hours after check-in, stop in and talk to the front desk clerk. The odds are good that you can snag a discounted rate because the hotel isn’t at capacity. Hotels hate losing that much money, so they’re typically willing to drop the cost a bit.

Attractions Are Cheaper, Too

Similarly, popular attractions sometimes offer discounted ticket prices if they aren’t inundated with business. If there’s a museum or theme park within road tripping distance, head there outside of peak season. Not only can you book a less expensive room, but you can probably see your favorite exhibits or ride your favorite roller coaster without spending as much money. Even if you don’t save much, you can plan your trip so that the crowds are smaller.

There’s No Stress

The lack of extensive plans behind a day trip eliminates the stress that’s typically associated with a getaway. You don’t have to worry much about what you pack because you aren’t going away for very long. As you drive along, all you have to do is stop off at a motel with a vacancy sign. Getting food is as easy as pulling off the highway. Your only real concern is to follow where the road leads you.

Everyone needs some adventure in their lives. As long as your car is in working order and you have plenty of money for gas, you’re ready for a road trip. Where are you going to go?

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