6 Idealistic ways to bring in more natural light to your rooms if you’ve bought a cave

We all love to be surrounded by nature and be closer to it. But when we buy a house which is so much surrounded by trees that it makes the house dark, it becomes a big concern for the homebuyers. While some purposely buy such homes which have trees around, there are some others who immediately think of some of the best ways in which they can add on more natural light to their rooms. Of course, it’s not always the trees that make your houses dark, there are deep eaves, too few windows, false beams and low ceilings which contribute to the darkness of your rooms.

The level of natural light which enters your rooms can actually affect your mood as the blessed sun rays which have abundant levels of sunlight and Vitamin D make you feel positive. Hence, it’s natural that such bright rooms make you feel alive, happier and more vibrant. Getting light within dark rooms is important and if it can be natural light, it is even better. If you can add a light color to the ceiling and hang a pendant light, the room will feel like it has more light within it. Nevertheless, here is a list of some of the idealistic steps that you can take in order to make your room look brighter and more vibrant.


  1. Add more windows: It is needless to mention that windows are the main parts of your home which can bring in more light. You can opt for hanging a pair of double-hung windows on each side of the door which will give you a total of 4 windows. If that is not enough for your room, you can install 2 or more square windows on each side of the fire place which you have installed in your room. Within the kitchen and on the staircase too, you can keep adding windows in order to let in more light.
  2. Install TDDs or Skylights: The very first thing that you could do after making windows is installing tubular day lighting devices. They are known as skylight windows, almost like mini skylights and they have reflective pipes or cylinders installed between the ceiling and the roof with a protection of a clear plastic dome. The bottom portions of the tubes are glazed or diffused to prevent throwing a glaring beam. They instead ensure a soft glow of light which is very soothing to the eyes.
  3. Install glass doors: There are people who think of adding windows but they forget that it is also possible to add glass doors in order to allow more natural light into your room. However, if your concern about adding glass doors is about privacy, then you can add etched glass or even the reeded ones for maintaining your privacy and also allowing light to come into your room at the same time.
  4. Replace solid doors with French doors: If it was an old house, you might find the interior solid doors which are the soundproof ones. Interior doors are even a prevalent option in modern day interior decoration. However, it is most often accepted by most interior decorators that the French doors offer a way for rooms to get more natural light and it doesn’t feel like you’re shutting the rooms off. If you close the solid interior doors, it looks like a dead-end but when it is the French door, the hall looks beautiful and open.
  5. Choose the right paint colour: Dark wall colours absorb more natural light. If you have painted your room dark, you can change the color to a light shade, something that reflects sunlight. Cream paint colors or white work actually well in order to lighten up the space. Just remember that there’s not too much of the yellow color which you choose. Yellow color within a dark room can often make you feel dingy. Also use a satin paint finish which gives you a shinier look as this helps reflect natural light.
  6. Hang a mirror at the right place: In your living room, you can hang a large mirror which reflects light and also the view of the woods outside. In your dining room, you can hang an antique mirror which varies in sizes to catch any light which enters the room. The beautiful mirror will reflect the light-filled room opposite this room. Hence, mirrors, if placed in the right place, can add the impression of more light in the room.

You might not realize this but if you feel tired, stressed or cranky or you’re just not in a good mood, you look for natural sources of light. Just like the best way of heating a house, brightness is crucial to comfort and health. It is proved that human beings act, respond and feel better in a home which has plenty of natural light coming in. Hence, follow the tips mentioned above to bring in more natural light.

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