Excellent Fitness Ideas Requiring Little Commitment

Keeping fit while travelling can be difficult, especially when you’re not staying in the same place for long. There often seems no point forking out for a gym membership if you’re not going to make the most of it, joining a sports club when you know you’ll have to leave before you really get into it or purchasing equipment that you’ll soon need to get rid of.

All exercise requires some level of commitment but there are good options available to travellers, gap year students or anyone else looking for a fun way to keep fit without committing too much.

Running Clubs

Like walking, running is something most of us can do but a lot of us don’t do enough. All that’s required is a decent pair of trainers and shorts. Running alone isn’t for everyone though, especially in a new environment where there’s a worry of getting lost.

Instead join a local running club to help discover more of your new area and keep fit at the same time. It should be free, will help you meet new people and is something you can continue wherever in the world you go.

Spin Classes

Most gyms offer separate classes that can be paid for without taking out a year’s membership. Depending on what you’re after there may be other ones more suited to your needs, but for a good all round workout spin classes are great.

You don’t have to go to every session and joining in with others being put through their paces increases your own motivation. When you return home you may well end up heading to Fitness Warehouse as your new hobby turns more serious!

Martial Arts

Mastering a martial art takes years of dedication. If you’re already well versed in a popular martial art it’s likely there will be a gym nearby with regular sessions on a pay as you train basis. Or for beginners there will be less serious starter classes on the same basis where you learn the basics along with general fitness routines, making it easy to dip in and out.


Swimming, like riding a bike, is something few of us forget how to do. Using a pool is a cheap way to get a good exercise session. It can be done alone or you may discover new friends that also have a passion for getting in the water. For those in warmer climates why not start wild swimming instead? It’s free and far more adventurous.

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