How To Visit Washington DC


If you are planning to take on a vacation on Washington DC this year, you need to follow some sightseeing tips to get the most out of your trip and make it more enjoyable and memorable.


1. If you are planning a visit to our Nation’s Capital, there are various scenic places you don’t want to miss. If you arrived at the Reagan National Airport in Arlington, you can always take the Metro, but it is highly recommended to take a cab and ask the driver to take you to “The Mall” by way of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.


2. You can ask the driver to point out the landmarks. From this drive, you will see for yourself the Arlington Cemetery, famous Pentagon, the top of the Capital and Washington Monument. As you travel across the Potomac River you’ll get excited and thrilled because you see the great pillars on the mall come into view.  When you approach for the west you will see the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, reflecting pond, The National Museum of the American Indian, Air and Space Museum as well as the Capital building.


3. You can ask the cab driver to turn and head back towards the White House. They have surrounded most of Pennsylvania Ave around the White House, you will have to get out of the taxi and walk a few blocks to see the entrance. Then at the front gate, you can ask the guard if they still allow visit and on where to get ticket to get around the White House. It is always well worth coming back the next morning to take the tour.


4. You can return to the Smithsonian Museum and visit as many of the Free Museums as possible. We recommend you go tour on museums such as the Air and Space Museum, Museum of the American Indian and Natural History. For lunch, go on the Metro to Foggy Bottom/George Washington University and take a walk to Georgetown. It offers a wide selection of prominent restaurants and shopping on “M” Street and Wisconsin Avenue.


5. Good news is, you can rent bicycles on “M” Street, Washington DC and get around the Georgetown. Get to experience the cherry blossoms, ivy, Boxwoods, magnolia blooms and arbors dripping with purple wisteria in the spring because it definitely relax your mind and re-energize your soul. Then you take a walk down to the Georgetown Harbor where you can look across the Potomac at the Watergate Hotel and Kennedy Centre of Performing Arts. Since the history is all around you, the travel will be more worthy and memorable. When you visit the city in fall time, you will able you to see the sailing races on the Potomac River.




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