Keeping Track of Your Pets Online

In our community we have a local newsletter that nearly every resident subscribes to.  There are frequent announcements of local events, sales, public improvements and meetings.  Many contributors also submit notices whenever they see or find a pet that has strayed away from its home; others submit notices announcing lost pets and seeking the assistance of their fellow neighbors to get them found and returned.  


A popular strategy today is to equip a pet with a collar that contains a computer chip.  This enables anybody who finds a pet that has strayed or been lost to quickly connect with an independent website or page – in many cases a newsletter similar to that described above – that can post an announcement of the finding on its board.  Of course, the newsletter can also contact the pet’s owner.  Usually the computer chip will contain information regarding the pet’s name, age, health – including the latest shots and any essential special medical information recommended by the licensed veterinarian – and pet license information.  These items will greatly assist in reconnecting the pet with its owner.  Such collars are staple products one can find a Petco.  In fact, they can be the perfect holiday season present for the pet lover you know who may get nervous every time they hear news stories about lost or stolen pets.  Use a Groupon coupon to purchase one at a substantial discount for your best friend’s special holiday present.  It is a present that will give you both plenty of peace of mind in the future, and it is a small price to pay for a great deal of security.


If you want to be more assured, then you might consider having an identification chip imbedded in the animal’s body.  Just as you often see animals with tags on their ears or feet, you can have a chip permanently attached to the pet’s body.  This cannot – or should not – contain information that could possibly compromise your own personal data and information.  But it can provide you with a homing beacon by which you can trace the animal’s movements if they stray from the local area.  You might  ask your veterinarian or the experts at Petco about installing such a chip and how it’s done.  These tactics will give you substantial peace of mind by relieving worries about the possibly of losing a treasured companion.

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