Sam Smith’s Dramatic Transformation

Sam Smith found fame as a singer and song-writer with his numerous heart-warming hit songs, and current he is grabbing attention for another reason. The ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ singer is getting skinnier day by day and this didn’t escape from the eyes of his millions of fans around the world.

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A couple of month back, he published a picture on Instagram where he was chopping onions in his kitchen, and everyone could not help but notice his svelte figure. This picture was posted just two days before the release of his latest single called “Too Good at Goodbyes” on Friday 8th of September. Back in August, Sam Smith, who was beaming in front of the camera as he joined a host of stars when attending a party organised by Yves Saint Laurent in association with Sink the Pink.

As the singer reached The Curtain venue in Shoreditch, he immediately caught the attention of onlookers and posed to the delight of photographers. Sam Smith was dressed in a baggy jean and a loose fitting long sleeve top as he showed off his newly found figure. On Friday 3rd of November, Sam Smith’s much anticipated album called The Thrill of It All was released and it featured his hit song “Too Good at Goodbyes”.

It’s been quite noticeable that the Oscar winner has been shedding the pounds over the last couple of years compared to the time when he was propelled to stardom back in 2012. Sam has revealed how choosing a healthier diet has been great effective in helping him get into shape. He mentioned that his relationship with food has completely changed since he adopted his secret diet. Sam admitted that he lost nearly fourteen pounds in just fourteen days when he started his journey of weight loss in 2015. The Stay With Me singer didn’t miss to point out that his diet was a success thanks to the renowned nutritional therapist known as America Freer. The latter has also worked with numerous other stars, including James Corden.

Freer’s book known as ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow’ became an instant bestseller after the revelation of Sam. On Instagram, he mentioned that the nutritionist has helped him lose over a stone in just two weeks, and he requested his followers to go check her book to start a healthy living. Want to know what his diet is all about? Refined sugar, dairy products, and gluten are completely out of his diet. Plus, weight training has helped Sam to shred the pounds. He has also been taking ices cubes that are firstly infused in herbs as snack and took up yoga sessions.

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