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Best Fine Dining In Canada

Canada can accommodate any adventurer’s desires, including those on a culinary quest. Every major city in Canada has its share of fine dining options, but which options are the best? In this article I will argue for the best dining option in each major Canadian city.

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If you find yourself taking a trip to Toronto, Canada anytime soon, you should make a reservation at Truffles. Located in the Toronto Four Seasons Hotel, Truffles offers a variety of exquisite French cuisine. The restaurant has an acclaimed signature dish comprised of spaghettini pasta, a light truffle sauce and Perigord Black Gold. Truffles can come at a hefty price, but the experience is well worth it.

Le Montrealais
Speaking of French cuisine, Montreal, Canada is located in the French speaking region of Canada, Quebec. So, it follows that the best dining Montreal has to offer is Le Montrealais. This restaurant is renowned for its Mediterranean style French cuisine and their famous desserts. Le Montrealais offers specialty seafood and succulent meats. If you are not trying to spend an fortune, Le Montrealais also offers daily specials at reduced prices.

So, what else does Canada have to offer besides French cuisine? In Vancouver, Canada there is a unique restaurant by the name of Chamblar. They can be described as a fusion between traditional Belgian cuisine and North African flavors. The restaurant also carries a wide selection of Belgian Beers and sophisticated cocktails. With such a uniquely-inspired style, Chamblar is one of the best fine dining options in all of Canada.

Au Vieux Duluth
Winner of every Consumers’ Choice Award since 1986, Au Vieux Duluth is arguably the greatest restaurant in Quebec, or maybe even all of Canada. If you really want to fully commit to the Au Vieux Duluth experience, you must try their signature Filet Mignon dish. It is prepared using a secret blend of spices and herbs and served with a delectable side of pepper or wine sauce.

Ben Thai
Edmonton, Canada is the location for the finest Thai restaurant in Canada, Ben Thai. The restaurant’s interior design resembles a traditional Thai restaurant with furniture that was relocated directly from Thailand. The Western coastline of Canada is known for their sushi, so you should make an effort to give it a try.

Regardless of whether you choose to dine at any of the aforementioned establishments, the variety of Canadian cuisine is astounding. For the most part, French and American cuisine will be commonplace in Canada, but you will have no trouble finding disparate international restaurants wherever you go. If you are really looking for something completely unique to Canada, you will have to look for the specialty fish restaurants in Western Canada. The area is known for their salmon, so it’s the perfect place to find the freshest salmon in the world.