Easy Guide to Cutting The Cost of a Ski Holiday

Many families would love to hit the slopes for their holiday, but the single factor that always puts people off taking a ski holiday is the cost. Often cited as the biggest obstacle for people who have never been skiing but would like to, taking a ski trip can become an expensive undertaking once you’ve considered the travel, accommodation, equipment rental, spending money and those all-important lift passes.

However, there are a few ways to cut down the costs if you’re looking to hit the slopes this winter, and here are my three biggest tips to taking a ski holiday on a budget.

– Choose your resort carefully

People often head straight for France when it comes to skiing, and it’s not hard to understand why. The country is beautiful, the skiing is incredible and the scenery is breath taking, but it can also be an expensive option compared to other areas of Europe.

Eastern Europe is an excellent option if you’re looking for lower-cost skiing, particularly places like Slovenia. However you can also find surprisingly affordable options in Italy and Austria, particularly areas such as Ellmau or Livigno. If you really want to try something different, then don’t rule out Scotland – it’s much, much cheaper and the skiing is surprisingly good when the winter is conducive to snow.

– Time it right

It stands to reason that going in peak time will be more expensive, so you should use this to your advantage. If you can take your holiday as the season is coming to an end, you should be able to get a much better package. Similarly, midweek is generally much cheaper than the weekend. Of course this isn’t always possible if you have to work around school holidays, but it’s worth looking into as the timing can make a massive difference to the overall price.

– Rent or borrow your equipment

Equipment will be one of your biggest expenses when you’re going skiing, but it’s often cheaper to rent in the resorts than buy the equipment (even if you’re buying it second hand). Similarly, if you can borrow equipment from friends or family, you’ll save yourself quite a lot of money in the long run.

Some pieces of equipment will be more expensive than others too, and your personal taste will impact the cost. For example a pair of top of the line Oakley goggles and brand new state of the art skis will cost a lot more than a fairly standard model – think about what you actually need, and see if you can go for a less ‘fancy’ option if you want to save some money.

Try booking a DIY package

Instead of booking a package deal, think about booking your flights and accommodation separately, as it can be possible to find a much cheaper overall holiday by booking everything yourself.

Planning a trip to Florence in the best time of the year

When planning a trip to Florence it is important to carefully organize your schedule, in order to be able to see all the stunning pieces of art

Italy has certainly some of the most amazing cities and places in the whole world and planning a visit there is the dream of a lifetime for the vast majority of the people. If you are lucky enough to have the possibility to visit Italy it is crucial to choose the best destination where to begin your journey.

Of the many cities of Italy, one could say that it is absolutely mandatory to explore at least 3 of them: Rome, Venice and Florence. Since Italy is not too big of a country it is certainly possible to visit the 3 cities during the same holiday, the important thing is to carefully plan your trip so that you do not end up missing the important things to see.

Let’s think for example of a trip to Florence: the city is small enough to be explored on foot, though it is also very rich in monuments, beautiful places and pieces of art to explore and see. The most important thing is, maybe, choosing one of the best hotel in Florence, located in the very heart of the city this enabling you to wander around the city on foot, without the need of renting a car or taking the public transport.

The things to see in Florence are really a lot, starting from the architectonical buildings like – above all – the Duomo: Santa Maria del Fiore was designed by Brunelleschi himself, maybe the most famous architect of the Renaissance; the dome is one of the most well-known pieces of architecture in the whole world and is a wonder to witness.

Another mandatory place to visit are the Uffizi, the most important museum in Florence, which is full of famous paintings as sculptures, like the Venus of Botticelli, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo and the Madonna col Cardellino by Raffaello.

Apart from the artistic sites, the city is itself a wonder to explore, because it is full of small streets, amazing corners and piazzas where to meet people and enjoy the typical Italian lifestyle: a big part of your journey to Florence will in fact be eating, because the region of Tuscany is really very rich of delicacies that are absolutely worth a taste.

Culinary Classes Abroad

Do you love eating out? Do you cook and entertain at every opportunity? Do you enjoy trying new foods and new methods of preparing foods? You just might be an official ‘food aficionados”! If you go to restaurants at every available opportunity and have taken advantage of cooking classes in your area, and you like to travel, you might be a great candidate for culinary travel. Maybe a trip to the cooking schools in Italy or France is already on your bucket list! With the right frame of mind and preparation, like any good meal, this could be the trip of a lifetime. It certainly won’t be a trip on which you’re apt to experience much weight loss!

Advance planning and research will be the keys to a successful trip. Select the time of year you’d like to travel and narrow down your dates. If you’re interested in taking classes at a culinary school, this will need to be planned well in advance. There are abundant agencies available that provide tours to different restaurants and cooking classes in the restaurants with the private chefs. These are really exciting, hands on experiences. Local travel agencies specializing in culinary travel can provide a wealth of information. Online sites have become plentiful, but be sure to carefully read all the reviews, offerings and details about what is included in the tours, deposits and terms of participation.

Some of the tour agencies specializing in culinary travel will manage accommodations as well as booking cooking classes, and some will require accommodations to be booked separately. Do your booking and planning early to ensure the greatest selection of accommodation options. Frequently the agency will arrange for transportation from your hotel to the restaurants or cooking schools. Quite often tours of vineyards are included in these programs to give participants a greater understanding of wine parings. Have a grand time, take loads of pictures and be sure to try out your new found culinary skills on friends and family upon your return. Best of luck to you!

The Best Activity Holidays in Europe

Experiencing everything that Europe has to offer is a desire of many a traveller. With so many countries to cover and an endless amount of travel, exploring Europe can be hard to plan and also come at a high price. As well as visiting the Eiffel Tower or seeking out true Italian pizza, consider taking an active holiday to see the best beaches and countryside that Europe has to offer.

Naples on Horseback

This part of Italy is home to Vesuvio National Park – so called because it surrounds Mount Vesuvius. While the park is full of roads for easy travel, nature tracks offer the perfect view. There’s so much to discover here, including the ancient ruins of Pompeii, the observatory and wildlife.

There are companies that offer horseback tours of Naples, including the national park, where you can ride through historic villages and explore picturesque coastal routes.

Hiking in Norway

Norway has a large network of nature trails that are explored by thousands of brave travellers every year. The landscape of this country makes it the perfect place to go hiking. View snow topped mountains, the Fjords and vast expanses of wilderness.

The highlight of hiking here is the chance to view the aurora borealis. For the best chance of viewing the magical northern lights, hike here in the colder months between October and February. Pack wisely for warmth, including hiking boots, gloves and an insulated water proof jacket.

Cycle the French Alps

Forget the Tour de France, this country offers so many places that can be explored by bicycle. Pack your tent, hire a bike and tour the Alps for an unforgettable adventure holiday. Look here for different maps and routes that also cover Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Note: Cycling the Alps is not for the faint hearted. If you’re thinking of undertaking this extreme activity, make sure you train beforehand.

Surfing in Portugal

For some people, a beach holiday relaxing on a sun lounger sounds perfect, but for others, it’s their worst nightmare. A surfing holiday may be the perfect antidote. Unbeknown to many, Portugal is a haven for surfers. Whether you want to go to the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto, you enjoy living by the beach. Spend your days surfing and the evenings exploring the area’s charm and cuisine. You will return home refreshed, cultured and more toned.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to cycle, hike, or surf your way across Europe!

How to Enjoy Time in Sorrento? A Travel Guide for The Tourists

There are hundreds of places and attractions in the world for the tourists. Europe is a continent best for the traveling. It is considered that European countries are making best option and opportunities for the tourism industry of the world. Italy is a well known tourist attraction in the world. This country has made an impressive recognition for the tourism. There are hundreds of attractive places and destinations where thousands of tourists come every year for the enjoyment. Are you interested to learn about the most famous one? The Sorrento is a good location for the people of Italy. It was considered a best local vacation point but it gained international recognition with the passage of time.

Why Sorrento is famous?

The main reason for the popularity of Sorrento is the Amalfi coast. In fact the Amalfi coast is the main tourist attraction for the people. It has numerous towns including the name of Sorrento town. This town is present in Campania. The following features make this town very famous.

  • Cafes.
  • Architecture.
  • Restaurants.
  • Shops and markets.

The town of Sorrento is popular for the rail system. The destinations of Ercolano and Pompeii are usually visited by the tourists. Ferry service is also available for the people who want to visit the Sorrento from Capri. Sorrento is one of the best islands for the couples.

How to get in Sorrento?

There are multiple options for the visitors. The most important mean of getting in is the rail system for the locals. The international tourists can also use the rail system. Following means can be used for traveling.

  • By air: The Naples Airport is providing air travel services in this area.
  • By bus: There are multiple services for the travelers. From Capodichino you can pick a bus service for the Sorrento.
  • Train service: The train service is also available. The train service starts from the Circumvesuviana for the Naples.
  • By car: Private car rentals and services are optional.
  • Boat: Enjoy the cruise services to visit the Sorrento.


Get rental villas in Sorrento:

There are plenty of options for the tourists. We are providing a list of famous villas and hotels for the people in this travel guide. See the given names in order to learn more about Sorrento hotels and villas.

  • Bianca.
  • Birino Sorrento.
  • Bibiano Sorrento.
  • Bindo Sorrento.


  • Sorrento Apartments.
  • Coltur Suites.
  • B&B Al Centro.

This is a list of hotels, villas and apartments present in Sorrento. The tourists can get these resting places for rent. It is recommended to see the features of all these resting places in order to take better decisions.

Places of attractions in Sorrento:

There are numerous options for the tourists. Following tourist attractions should be visited by the travelers.

  • Pretty Small Port.
  • Puntacampanella that is a natural reserve.
  • Basilica DI Sant’Antonino
  • Villa Pollio Capo DI Sorrento.
  • St. Francis Monastery
  • Archeological Museum.
  • Museo Bottega Della Tasia Lignea where you can enjoy the local arts.
  • Duomo.
  • Museo Correale DI Terranova that is a famous picture gallery.

Don’t forget to see these important places when present in Sorrento. It is highly recommended to get the advance bookings of the hotels and villas in Sorrento in order to enjoy all these places with life partners and family members.

Things to do in Sorrento:

The tourists are recommended to visit the markets and shops of Sorrento. Hire a boat for the water enjoyment. Water ferries and cruises are also available for the enjoyment in Sorrento.