Sheikh Zayed Road

Enjoy Turkish delicacies in Dubai through these restaurants

The dining experience in Dubai has been always one of the emirate’s shining points and landmark, due to the flavors characteristics diversity and versatility, as well as its ability to satisfy the tastes of thousands of visitors to the charming city from all over the world. Among the many restaurants scattered there.

You will find a variety of wonderful Turkish restaurants, which will cruise you whenever you want to the Ottoman land; the cradle of its civilization through the ages, through its unique varieties of authentic dishes, within unique views and intimate atmosphere that makes your experience truly exceptional! Follow us!

  1. Mado Restaurant

Dubai Mall has long been a crucible for many local and international restaurants. But If you’re looking for experience full of appeal, do not miss the opportunity to visit the amazing “Mado” restaurant, where you will be greeted with a selection of authentic Turkish cuisine in a distinctive atmosphere, which is enhanced by tts elegant design and luxurious décor, and by the friendly staff there.

  1. Harput Restaurant

If you wish for a special Turkish meal, do not miss the opportunity to visit the “Harput” restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road. Despite the simplicity of the decor and the decorations there, the restaurant welcomes you with a selection of the finest Turkish meals prepared with unique ingredients that make the flavors truly exceptional. Enjoy the most delicious salads and dishes of Papa Gnogh and Turkish pizzas, and your stomach will never forget the splendor of flavors.

  1. Nusr-et Restaurant

A wide selection of high-quality dishes and delicious flavors that blend authentic Turkish tastes with a variety of European flavors. This is what you will find at Nusret Restaurant; the chef who learned the arts of cooking and meat grilling by the most famous American chefs, to return to his hometown with a rich experience that enabled him to harvest many of success there before opening a second branch in Dubai, specifically at the Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah. Enjoy grilled shrimp with mango sauce, and varieties of grilled meat of steak, hamburger and other grilled meats, as well as ice-cream-baked baklava, which is the favorite dish for all pioneers.

  1. Kaftan Restaurant

Another bright lighthouse, this time overlooking the Um Suqeim area to offers you one of the most unique dining experiences. The place is decorated with a large green courtyard pleasing to the viewers, and when you enter will be greeted by a selection of the finest meat dishes in traditional crockery, on the side a selection of appetizers, salads and really delicious pastries.

  1. Turkish Village Restaurant and Café

For sure, you would not be satisfied by just one visit to that great restaurant, as it has many attractions points, starting from that spectacular location in the beautiful Jumeirah area, and continues with the design of the unique place, which gives visitors the opportunity to sit indoors or also at the outer section. In order to complete the splendor there, the Turkish Village restaurant celebrates a varied menu of Turkish specialties, like shawarma, as well as a selection of delicious pastries such as konafa and others.