Summer Takeover

My Zante Experience With Tidal Zante

After going to Zante on a girls holiday back in 2015, I decided I wanted to work out there for a season with Summer Takeover last year.  This was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, a week in Zante is never going to be long enough to explore everything the island has to offer.  Making the Greek paradise my home for a few sunny months was a completely new experience, I made so many new friends and learned loads of things about myself along the way!

I headed out in May with the intention of staying for a month – in the end I missed my return flight and stayed until August because I was having such a good time.  I couldn’t bear the thought of going home, I was enjoying spending my days tanning and my nights getting loose behind the bar, before heading to a club and then onto an after-hours workers party.  It was like being in a movie, I was living like it was the weekend every day.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful – many hungover days were spent exploring beaches or heading out to Shipwreck Cove.  You really feel like you connect to the island, it’s magical.

One element of my time in Zante that really stands out were the Tidal ZanteEvents boat parties, I couldn’t even count up how many I attended but I loved every one of them!  I’ve never been on a boat party like it, there were special effects like smoke cannons and and firework displays, and different live DJs every week.  There are only a limited number of tickets per event, and these sell out well in advance, we actually ended up getting season passes after the first one as we knew we’d be back!  I like to think we got our money’s-worth from these – I’m pretty sure we did as we absolutely hammered the one hour free bar once we were aboard.

Amazing boat parties aside, there are loads of other things that make Zante so special.  With so many clubs to choose from, we never knew where the night was going to take us.  Firm favourites were Zeros, Rescue Club and Paradise Cocktail bar – but the bit everyone looked forward to most has to be the workers after parties at CherryBay.  For daytime debauchery we loved getting dressed up for Pure Beach Club, it had all the vibes of Ibiza for a fraction of the price!

I’ll be heading back out to Zante this summer, I’m already counting down the weeks.  I’m thinking of trying my hand at ticket selling or PR work this time around as the commission is so good, but I’ll miss my tipsy shifts behind the bar…