Top 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Tour Ireland

One of the many attractions to the Emerald Isles is the fact that there is a huge emphasis on everything green. While you might know that everyone dons the colour green on St Patrick’s Day, that is just the beginning of how the Irish think green in almost everything they do. If you are planning an eco-friendly holiday, Ireland might be just the perfect destination. Here are the top three eco-friendly ways to tour Ireland.

1. Join a Guided Group Tour

If you are planning on visiting multiple places in Ireland, one of the biggest concerns among those who are environmentally conscientious is the amount of fuel you will be using to get from one location to the next. Consider the fact that every car on the road uses a significant amount of petrol and that the more tourists there are, the greater the amount of fossil fuels will be used in travelling from place to place.

Most often visitors hire a car at the airport but what if you joined a guided tour like those offered on Go Irish Tours? Although that bus uses a lot of fuel, it would not nearly equal the amount several dozens of vehicles would consume if each individual, couple or family travelled on their own.

2. Bike and Backpack Wherever Possible

While this would only be an option for younger people or those in great physical condition, most people working towards an eco-friendly society also subscribe to a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to see Ireland as it really is apart from all those tourist traps, the best way to spend your holiday is to backpack from village to village, campground to campground. You could even choose to stop at hostels or B&Bs along the way but no matter how you cut it, biking and hiking consumes no natural resources, other than the water you will be drinking along the way and a bit of organic food as well.

3. Spend a Week or Two Camping Your Way Around the Island

Speaking of making the most of nature on an eco-friendly trip to Ireland, camping is probably going to be the best way to spend a green holiday in a nation that is green in more ways than one. Get a list of the best camping sites on the island and then choose one or more that best suit what you are looking to see. Just remember to bring along any solar powered equipment you may need because the whole point is to rely less on fossil fuel generated electricity and more on living with what nature has to offer.

No matter what you do or where you go, you will find that Ireland has much to offer in the way of sustainable holiday destinations. It is, after all, the iconic green island and conservation of resources and traditional ways of life are integral to life on Ireland. This is one country where you can truly say you’ve spent a green holiday away from the trappings of life in the developed world.

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