3 Group Travel Tips You Should Know

If this is your first time to travel with your group of friends, you might want to read this first.

Planning a trip with your friends will probably be one of the most exciting parts of your vacation because you know you are spending a time with some of the best people you know. So you are expecting that there will be no shortage of ridiculous and laugh-out-loud moments. However, it does not exactly play out that way. Stress is inevitable while planning a trip where there are different interests involved. You all have to make sure that each one is not just getting along with the plan. Remember, this isn’t just your vacation, so you need to consider what places or activities your friends want to visit.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid arguments and tensions rising during planning. Here are tips on how you can make your first group travel out of the country is the most memorable trip you will have.

Agree on a budget range

We all know travel involves a significant amount of money, so it is best to get it out of the way. Some people would say to pick a destination first, but given that this is your first group travel, it would be best if you decide on how much each is willing to spend for an out-of-the-country trip. Remember that there are countries that require you to purchase visas and travel insurance like Australia, Japan, Korea, and Europe. This means extra expenses on top of flight tickets, travel tax, accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous fees. This budget range will function as your parameters, a money total that you are all targeting to save up for.

You can set up a travel fund wherexpenses for minimal fees like cab rides or amusement park fees can be taken from. What you do is put in an agreed upon amount before and during your trip. If you have saved enough for the travel fund, you can even use it to pay for the travel tax.

Pick a destination

Before anything else, consider the size of the group. If there are more than 10 people in the group and you will only be gone for a week, you can be sure that not everyone’s interests will be given equal time. To remedy this, you can decide on the type of destination you want first. Is it a tropical beach destination or a ski destination? Afterwards, have each person name one activity or attraction they want to do and then vote for it. Activities that have the majority votes will be included in the itinerary. If you find that there is still room to squeeze in one or two more, you may choose from the ones that did not make the cut.

Make sure there is time to relax

A little downtime will do everyone good, so make sure it is included in the itinerary. You will be out and about early in the morning because you want to squeeze in as many activities, which means that by the end of the day, everyone might not have the energy to spend actual bonding time with each other. So make sure that you have included a plan to just lounge around, whether it is in a cafe, the beach, the swimming pool, or even just in the rooms. You can order lots of food and play lots of parlour games.

The last thing you want to do is nominate a travel leader who will make sure everything you need for this trip has been prepared. It will have to be someone who can work under pressure since there will be a lot of you they need to think about other than them. But make it easy for your friend by following your plans and ensuring travel documents and gear are packed and ready.

Follow these tips and you will surely avoid awkward travels with your friends. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Down Under

If you are hoping to see the world while gaining an education at the same time, then you may want to consider a study abroad in Australia program. Most students do this when they are in their sophomore or junior year, completing credits towards their chosen major. The majority of students also only do this for one semester.

Completing a semester down under basically means that you complete credits at a different university and transfer those back to your own. It is very important, therefore, that you check with your own university whether the credits offered can be transferred. For instance, in Australia, a lot of courses only last a few weeks rather than an entire semester. The result of this is that the course may not be accepted unless you complete more education on the matter as well.

There are a lot of programs available that help students complete a semester or more of studies abroad in locations like Australia and New Zealand. So many, in fact, that you may find it quite confusing to choose the one to use. You can narrow your options down somewhat by focusing on a specific country or, even better, on a specific school. Furthermore, the following frequently asked questions may also help you gain a greater understanding of what studying abroad really means.

What Does it Mean to Study Abroad?

When you study abroad, you essentially enroll into a university in a different country. However, rather than enrolling for the full degree program, in which you would just be a regular student, you enroll only in a number of credits. While a lot of that is an adventure and fun, you do have to be realistic about the fact that you are there to study. You can fail just as you can in this country, but it will have a more significant impact because you will not be able to retake your classes unless you stay even longer. Plus, this would also mean losing out on a significant financial investment.

Where Can I Go?

If you want to study abroad, you can quite literally go all over the world. Australia and New Zealand are particularly popular destinations. One of the reasons for that is because the school’s use English as a first language (although the spelling is slightly different!), making it easier to integrate. Furthermore, the educational standards Down Under are very similar to those in this country.

Is Studying Abroad a Good Idea?

When you spend a semester at a school in a foreign country, you will gain some very significant benefits. The greatest is perhaps the fact that you will grow personally, gaining experience of different cultures and ways of life. This, in turn, is something you can easily apply to your professional life when you complete your studies. The world is becoming smaller and businesses now have contacts the world over. By studying abroad, you put yourself apart as someone who has excellent experience in this.

When Can I Go?

Most students complete a study abroad program during a junior year. However, you can go at any time during your study. That being said, junior and sophomore years are probably the best because the programs tend to be more aligned, since the introductory period is over. You also have to decide how long you want to go, which is something only you can decide.

4 Extravagant Ways to Experience A Celebrity-Like Sydney Vacation

Sydney is one of the favorite destinations of most travelers. This multicultural city is the state capital of New South Wales in Australia. It is also known as the most beautiful harbour in the world and takes pride to its golden beaches, impressive monuments, breathtaking landscapes, and world-class restaurants.

Once you visit this paradise, you will never be disappointed. Apparently, there are a lot of things you can do while you are here. You’ve got numerous options on how you can spend your vacation like a celebrity in this captivating city.

Hence, here are some of the great ways on how you can spend your trip to Sydney like an A-lister:

Dine like the rich and famous

The stunning city of Sydney is packed with tons of fine dining restaurants. If you want to dine like the rich and famous here or even have the chance to be seated right next to a celebrity, then you can opt to eat at Quay. This award-winning restaurant offers both Asian and European cuisines, making all diners satisfied with their delectable food. Also, the atmosphere is truly impressive as you can see the gorgeous harbour views and the staff are very accommodating and friendly too.

Spend a night at a luxurious hotel

To experience superb amenities, exclusive service, and a great view, spend an overnight at one of the Darling Harbour hotels. One of the best and most visited here is The Darling Hotel. Your Sydney trip will definitely be memorable as this five-star hotel offers a one-of-a-kind hotel experience to everyone. With its elegant boutique-styled design, you will absolutely have an unforgettable stay that you deserve.

Shop like a millionaire

In case you love shopping, then Sydney is the ideal shopping paradise for you. You may shop at Harrolds boutique and purchase high-quality items from various top brands. Its two branches, for men and women, are actually located inside the Westfield mall. You will be able to find fashion-forward designer bags, shoes, and other creations that are totally impressive, especially for all types of shoppers, including celebrities.

Sip a glass of champagne at sunset

The best way to start your meal is to drink a glass of champagne first. Sipping a glass of it at Jonah’s Whale Beach while waiting for the sun to set is one of the greatest things you will ever experience in Sydney. Jonah’s is not your typical restaurant, rather an ideal beachside escape that you’ll love. Surely, you will enjoy the casual and friendly ambiance that this place offers to all its visitors.

All in all, you can experience a Sydney holiday like a star with these things mentioned above. You deserve to feel special and be treated like a king or queen from time to time, so make it a point to treat yourself sometimes. Since it would be too costly for you to go to a private island or rent a yacht, you may have a grand vacation in Sydney instead and definitely have the time of your life, just like the A-listers.

4 Significant Benefits of Renting Green Cars in Australia

Traveling to a new destination is an exciting thing you will ever experience in your entire life. Taking a break from work or school and having time to unwind for a little while can never go wrong. However, you need to make the most out of your vacation and ensure that you will totally have fun.

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One of the most favorite places most travelers from across the globe love to visit is Australia. This stunning country is blessed with breathtaking views as well as thrilling activities fit for all ages. Once you get the opportunity to be here, you will absolutely have an unforgettable vacation.

Moreover, if you want to explore one of the beautiful cities in Australia, you can try renting a car. The best way to discover a city is by roaming around and enjoying every part of it. DriveNow offers hybrid car rentals in Cairns and Australia-wide, which makes it more convenient for every traveler who wants to go sightseeing.

While it is unusual for people to rent an environmentally friendly car while on a trip in a different city, it could still be a great idea. Apparently, there are numerous benefits of simply renting a green car, such as the following:

Renting a green car can save you more money.

Sure, some car rental companies charge more for environmentally friendly cars. Nevertheless, you could still save a lot of money when you choose this type of car because of fuel savings. There is nothing to worry about the extra cost for gas that might be charged on you once you rent a green car.

Renting a green car provides great environmental effect.

These eco-friendly cars emit greenhouse gases and add to the atmospheric pollution. Once you plan to do quite a bit of driving during your stay in Australia, it is a good idea to rent a green car to help save the environment. Everyone knows how much it is damaged today, hence, you can do a small act to prevent it from getting worse.

Renting a green car has a significant impact for business travelers.

If you travel for business and are trying to impress your partners, then choose a green car for your trip. It does not seem to be that of an impressive act, but being seen as environmentally responsible by others is really something desirable. People will look up to you as you show concern to the environment and make a difference to the world.

Renting a green car gives you peace of mind.

You won’t have to think about running out of gas when you are in an unfamiliar region, for a green car has enough “fuel” of its own at all times. Thus, this gives you peace of mind and you won’t be stressed out too when things don’t fall into place.

On the whole, your small act of choosing to rent a green car for your trip can make a huge impact. So, it is highly recommended that whenever you travel to a new place, opt for a green rental car and be one of those who want to make this world safer and more beautiful.

What Should You Pack if You Go Traveling?

Traveling is such a fantastic thing, but what should you actually take with you? Naturally, much of this depends entirely on the type of travel that you will do. A backpacker traveling through Australia for a year will have very different needs to someone who booked on one of the many Globus Tours that exist. Below, however, are some of the things that everybody needs to carry with them, whether physically or in their mind.

Day Packs

A day pack is what you carry with you during your travels when you are exploring. It needs to be big enough to carry some souvenirs that you may purchase, but not so big that it gets in the way. Always have some money in there (not your entire vacation budget) and a bottle of water.

Things to Have Prepared

You also need to have a number of things prepared. Most of these don’t have to be physically taken with you. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Travel insurance. If something does go wrong, you want to be ok.
  • Your Skype details. If you stop by an internet café and you know your Skype login details, you can quickly contact your relatives and let them know how your vacation is going.

What to Actually Pack

So what do you need to pack in your suitcase? As stated earlier, a lot of it depends on the type of travel that you will be doing. For instance, a backpacker should always carry a first aid box, but someone who goes on a regular holiday really has no use for it. However, some things everybody needs include:

  • Clothing. Make sure they are suitable for wherever you are going to. Even if you go to a hot area, however, you should still carry at least one pair of long trousers or a long skirt, and a long sleeved shirt or wrap of some kind. This is because even the hottest areas can get cold during the day and it is sometimes beneficial to be wrapped up against mosquitoes.
  • Toiletries. While you should be able to easily purchase these (same with clothing), it is generally better to bring something you are used to. Things like shaving cream and razors, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, makeup and so n are all important to go in your toiletries box.
  • Your camera. Never, EVER, leave home without your camera. Whether you are using an actual camera or sticking to the camera on your phone is irrelevant. You simply cannot go on vacation without taking plenty of holiday snaps. It is an opportunity for you to look back at all the fantastic things you have seen and to reminisce about the good time that was had by all.

If you have paid attention to all of the above, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time while you are away. Vacations are about releasing stress, so the last thing you want is to feel stressful because you have forgotten one of these thinsg.